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I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Integrative Genetics and Genomics at UC Davis in Dr. Jonathan Eisen’s laboratory. I received my B. A. in Molecular and Cell Biology with a Genetics, Genomics and Development emphasis from UC Berkeley in the spring of 2013. While at UC Berkeley I participated in research in Dr. Ellen Simms’ lab on multiple projects involving rhizobia-legume symbiosis. My current research interests include plant-microbe interactions, the co-evolution of microbes and their hosts, and marine fungi.

I have a varied set of personal interests. I enjoy artistic (knitting, baking, painting, photography, graphic design) outdoorsy (mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, paddle-boarding, backpacking, hiking, hot yoga) and nerdy (board games, books, tv/movies, the occasional video game) pursuits. I am also a proud cat parent.

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clettinger [at]

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UC Davis Genome Center
451 Health Sciences Drive
Davis, CA 95616-8816